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IDN Training

18th – 21st December 2023 | 20 Hours
Both Online & Offline


18-21 Dec 2023


20 Hours


Rs. 45000 / $ 600


Offline & Online

Programme Overview

Mastering SailPoint IdentityNow (IDN) offers a gateway to comprehensive identity governance, unified identity management, and automated provisioning. With a focus on risk mitigation and compliance, learning SailPoint IDN not only enhances security strategies but also positions individuals for in-demand career opportunities in the evolving landscape of identity and access management.

Who is this programme for?

The programme is designed for executives and professionals seeking to leverage AI to drive innovation,
make data-driven decisions, and lead in the digital era.

Training Modules

  1. Cloud Based Identity as a Service (Iaas)
  2. Introduction to Passwords management
  3. Single Sign On in Identity Now
  4. Access certification in Identity Now
  5. Provisioning in Identity Now
  6. Enterprise grade Security
  7. Identity Experience and Heritage
  8. Unified governance and Visibility
  1. Password Reset
  2. Password Policy
  3. Password Management Flow
  4. Password Synchronization
  1. Benefits of Single Sign on
  2. Windows Authentication
  3. Password replay
  4. Federation (SAML)
  5. What is Strong Authentication
  6. Strong Authentication Configuration
  7. Single Sign on Configuration on Identity Now
  8. Configure SSO for Password policy
  9. Password replay with app password
  10. Password replay with directory password
  11. Configure federation (SAML)
  1. Types of access certification
  2. Certification Campaign
  3. Access Review
  4. Certification Items
  5. Entitlements
  6. Certification Process
  7. certification email templates
  8. Campaign filters
  9. Reports
  10. Remediation
  1. Identity Now Processing
  2. Basic Provisioning Terminologies
  3. Building identity profiles
  4. Correlation
  5. Entitlements
  6. Modeling Desired States
  7. Life Cycle states
  8. Role Based provisioning

Company Profile

With over 13 years in the industry, Orbus International has proudly emerged as a trusted partner for premier certification training in the industry. Began in 2010, we have trained more than 12,000 professionals in Identity and Access Management, Cyber Security, Salesforce, etc. We are trusted by the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies with presence in USA, UK, Mexico, India & UAE.

Programme Highlights

Lead the Future: Mastering Leadership with AI

140+ Pre-Recorded Videos For Self-paced Learning from Top ISB Faculty

14+ Case Studies 40+ Assignments* Group Discussions

Capstone Project

ISB Executive Alumni Status

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Application Deadline

Last Date: 18 December, 2023
Limited Seats Available

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