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Privileged access management 

What is privileged access management (PAM)?​

Privileged access management (PAM) is the combination of tools and technology used to secure, control and monitor access to an organization’s critical information and resources. Subcategories of PAM include shared access password management, privileged session management, vendor privileged access management (VPAM) and application access management

Why is PAM important?

Implementing a PAM system helps organizations effectively monitor the entire network and provides insight into which users have access to what data.

Vendor privileged access management

Vendor privileged access management is a subset of PAM that focuses on high-level external threats that come from an organization’s reliance on external partners to support, maintain or troubleshoot certain technologies and systems. Representatives from these vendors require remote privileged access to an enterprise network in order to complete these tasks, thus posing a unique threat to IT management.

PAM vs. identity management

Keep an inventory of all privileged accounts and document any changes. Disallow admins from sharing accounts. Limit personal privileged accounts to one for each admin. Establish and enforce password policy for passwords