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Managed IT Consulting Services

Your preferred IT provider​

The success of an organization’s IT depends on its ability to adapt new and cutting-edge technologies at a rapid rate. However, lack of money, expertise, and skills frequently leave business owners helpless. Purchasing a managed IT service could be the solution to your Washington company’s problems.

Managed IT is the practise of contracting out your IT duties to a reliable outside provider who will be fully responsible for advancing and sustaining your technologies.

Orbus IT, one of Washington’s top IT service companies, is tucked away in the state’s centre. To support your company’s objectives and requirements, we offer tailored IT support in Washington. We ensure that your company is actively employing evolving IT technologies for maximum profit, whether it’s a project-based IT solution or a full-service outsourced managed IT solution.

What are Managed IT Services?

With managed IT services, businesses turn over all of their IT operations to a third party, known as a managed services provider, who takes care of everything (MSP). A committed crew will keep an eye on your systems while you concentrate on your primary business objectives. When you have knowledgeable individuals at your disposal, there is no time lost trying to understand how your software and hardware operate.

The IT expertise you need​

As technology advances, new issues might appear. Your current IT team might not have the expertise or skills to resolve the emergence of these technical challenges, making them a mystery riddle for them to solve. You will require resources to support and assist business solutions whether your data is on-premise or exists in the cloud. It can be expensive to hire new team members, and the training process may take longer. With Orbus Managed IT, you may hire seasoned IT specialists for a set monthly fee. Your IT crew can be swiftly scaled up or down based on the demands of your project. We’ll assist you in maintaining your systems’ functionality and maximising it.

Why do businesses outsource their IT?

Organizations’ top concerns are security and compliance. You could become a victim of a security breach or hacking if you’re not diligent enough. Cyberattacks can cost businesses money and even damage your company’s reputation. Your company will be protected from any data breach while working with Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and prompt response will be accessible. An MSP can support additional practises and policies to ensure compliance as businesses are required to follow legislation specific to their industry.

Crazy-good and quick 24/7 service desk support

Because technology is more important than ever, onsite issues and downtime can have a big impact on your company. Your best team of professionals can answer to your worries with the aid of outsourcing. Our Orbus IT team makes sure that your business can function pro-actively. We manage and keep an eye on your infrastructure as an MSP. We collaborate with multi-stack engineers as the first line of support with our round-the-clock experienced support.