Orbus International

ERP Implementation

Make sure everything is done correctly the first time, whether you're updating your ERP solution or switching to a Cloud ERP solution.

Select the Right ERP Solution

The original cost, continuing operating or maintenance expenses, return on investment, and time-to-value are the primary metrics used by most manufacturers to assess the success of an ERP system. We recommend a stricter emphasis on enterprise software installation in the current competitive business environment by monitoring additional indicators including operational interruptions, productivity effects, and the extent of ERP adoption across the firm. Unfortunately, there are numerous horror stories of unsuccessful ERP deployments, cost overruns, schedule slippages, business interruptions, and other problems. Now that we have proven ERP experience, mid-market firms may avoid these problems.

Implementing Orbus: A Clear Way to Success

An ERP solution is only as effective as how it is used. Our implementation process, which has been tested through tens of thousands of Cloud ERP migrations, assists our clients in reducing risk and achieving success.


Understanding the Why

Your company deserves a dependable, knowledgeable partner, not a one-size-fits-all answer. We take the time to get to know your company and identify areas for improvement before developing a plan for your journey based on your requirements.


Providing the How

Let us handle the data. Our knowledgeable staff will handle the programming, extensive data migration, and validation tasks, so you may upgrade or migrate your ERP solution with confidence.


Directing the Who

Just as significant as the technical aspects are the mechanisms for change management and implementation. From aligning stakeholders to communicating with them to providing training, we’ll lead your company through this critical phase.


Adding to the When

By letting us do what we do best—help your business maximize the value of its ERP solution through development, strategic consulting, and continuing support—you can concentrate on what you do best.

Data Immigration With Confidence

Having a single source of truth is a major advantage of an ERP solution built on the cloud. The data migration must be complete and error-free to get there. All of your crucial data will be accessible and able to be analyzed thanks to our successful conversion process.

Is ERP Modernization Time to Go?

Let our specialists evaluate your circumstance and offer advice regarding a cloud-based ERP system.